Booking terms & conditions

1. The Firework Companys Obligations

• Flashpoint Fireworks shall provide a display of fireworks as agreed/quoted, on the Display Date, for the Organisers.

• Flashpoint Fireworks shall be entitled to alter the Display from that originally agreed in negotiations with the Organisers in the event of non-availability of materials, prohibitive weather conditions, staff or regulations of any public or other authority necessitating such alteration.

2. The Organisers Obligations

• The Organisers shall pay a deposit of 40% of the Total Contract Price on the signing of this Contract.

• The Organisers shall pay the balance of the Total Contract Price 14 days prior to the Display.

• Payments not made in accordance with the due dates will be surcharged at a rate of 2.5% per month or part thereafter.

• The Organisers shall arrange for Flashpoint Fireworks to gain access the Display Site from the agreed time on the Display Date so as to be able to set up the display.

3. Cancellation

• If for any reason the client cancels less than two weeks prior to the display, the 40% deposit will be kept by Flashpoint Fireworks with no further payments due.

• A minimum charge of 70% of the total contract price will be levied to cover costs incurred by Flashpoint if the display is cancelled within two weeks of the display date.

• A charge of up to 80% of the total contract price will be incurred for cancellations made within 48 hours of the display date.

Flashpoint will do everything possible to ensure that the display goes ahead, however, we reserve the right to cancel without compensation on the grounds of safety.

Flashpoint Fireworks Head Firer on the display date has sole responsibility for this decision. Anyone of the following conditions may result in the cancellation of the display:
• Inadequate safety distance.
• Poor crowd control and / or lack of stewards.
• Livestock in close proximity to the display site.
• Adverse weather conditions such as high winds, extremely heavy rainfall (flooding), lightning or drought conditions.
• Force Majeure.

Organisers responsibilities

Car Parking
Emergency/Evacuation Procedure
Patrolling safety barriers
Stewarding and crowd control
Crowd first aid provision

Notification of the following 3rd parties:
*(including residential Homes, schools, housing, farms i.e. anyone who may be affected or distressed by the display)

Firework company responsibilities

Erecting safety barriers
Security of display site

Notification of the following 3rd parties:
Fire Services
CAA / Local Airport
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Wedding Fireworks UK is part of Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd - a professional fireworks company providing corporate, public, wedding, November, birthday, low noise and musical displays across the whole of the UK. We use many of the finest pyrotechnic materials available including European material as well as the best pyrotechnic material from China, whilst not compromising our record for offering value for money displays.

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